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Tue Jul 09 2013

Thu Oct 11 2012


          I grew tired of the image of my tribe
          out of long nails
          i weld limbs for my new body
          out of old rags, my entrails
          a coat of carrion
          will be my coat of solitude.
          I pluck my eye from the depths of the marsh
          out of the devoured plates of disgust
          i will build my hut.

          My world will be a world of sharp edges.
          Cruel and eternal.


          I will take nails,
          long nails
          and hammer them into my body.
          Very very gently,
          very very slowly,
          so it will last longer.
          I will draw up a precise plan.
          I will upholster myself every day
          say two square inches for instance.

          Then i will set fire to everything.
          It will burn for a long time,
          it will burn for seven days.
          Only the nails will remain,

          All welded together and rusty.
          So i will remain.
          So i will survive everything.


          In the black meadows
          hang the tarpaulins of my drying love.

          No one is allowed on my land.

          You never
          walked on my grass,
          don't you ever think you did.
          Only on the wall.
          On top of the wall.
          On the bottom of the wall.
          On the left side of the wall.
          On the right side of the wall.

          Only on the wall.

Sat Dec 17 2011

Thu Dec 31 2009

Sun Apr 8 2009


Je me sens comme une fourmi perdue dans l'univers